Friday, April 23, 2010

Frisky foolishness, spring springing

Sorry for the music quality...its the feeling...I love Lucinda...

I am 50 something years old. I no longer ignite any fires in anyone's loins based on my looks, or passion in my gaze. But I still have it. You know it, that feeling that you want to play with someone play games that intrude into the private parts of anothers psyche...AND THEIR BODY.

I want to know the things that go on in between the ears of someone be let take them in....and MERGE!

HA! Merge. Wink Wink.

Exchange energy, yield secrets, give into passion, take down defenses....

Some times when I am out and about in public and I pass by a person who would be a suitable, realistic "partner", (not life, but quick) I feel the energy of their interest and I open my space to them and let them feel my energy. Its like there is a certain frequency that is sexual....

I want to go commando in something that doens't cover my knees, to feel the breeze....

When does the urge stop? Are the old ladys buying cat food at Safeway yearning for hot sausages?

Is that old man with the walker and a bit of palsy thinking he would die happy if only he could get a bit of that cute 60 something babe?

I think yes.

I've been in a horny mood for a few weeks now...

Too Much info? Oh grow up! You feel it too!


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