Friday, December 11, 2009

Morphic fields, quantum interconnectedness

Rupert Sheldrake finally has a good web presence, he's the man with the idea of Morphic fields. A morphic field would be a description of whatever its is attached to, but existing distinct of the actual thing, and something that affects and interacts with other things, usually living things.

So say you have a plant. It has a field, perhaps somehow in quantum particle/wave form or some such, that is its pattern. Or a person with a much more complex field around them, and when you get a lot of these fields together, you get a sort of automatic syncronizing.

This theory, which I admittedly dont fully grasp, would be the explanation for "spiritual" healing and other phenomenon.

Perhaps even this:

Subtle energies, a similar notion.

We have a lot to learn.

Sheldrake seems to be onto a reasonably understandable paradigm for it.

Check him out.

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