Friday, February 19, 2010

Mini skirts, information packages, societal programing...

I own this wonderfully trashy denim miniskirt that I found at a thrift store...It must have been donated by someone who previously used it in a professional capacity...while it does cover what the law demands, it does so in a way that is almost what some people wish the law would prohibit!

On the same vein, many modest, god fearing women will wear a swim suit to the beach, yet the very same suit is designed to highlight what it covers! They are completely revealed in form and have but a wisp of thin clinging fabric to hide the most private of places....some suits even have graphic elements that blatantly point to the crotch! Of course all the while men in "speedos" get the communal eeewwwww.

Funny notion using the very means of providing modesty to effect the exact opposite! Hiding in plain sight. Overwhelming literal significance with culturally conditioned perception.

Overwhelming literal significance, with culturally conditioned perception.

To someone outside our culture, say the oft used example of a visitor from Mars....Women are dressed to draw attention to their sexual features, and accentuate the interest by pretending to hide them.

To us, well, we aren't animals! We cant go around naked! (We're worse, were naked with signs on our bodies saying so!)

And as it is with our bodies and consideration about them, so it is with many of our cultural and societal elements. We are programed to not see obvious and inconsistent behaviours. We act and interact in ways that would not seem rational if we could be removed from our cultural conditioning to see it from an outside perspective.

Ingo Swann writes brilliantly, although at the same time in a heavily academic style, about information packages and our societal programming. He is one of the more studied and astute observers of us humans, perhaps because of his extra-human perceptions...

He discusses how our innate telepathic abilities are buried and ignored, yet shows how those perceptions still affect how we live. We seem to have pushed them into our sub conscious, pushed them down to where we dont look, yet information comes from them and colors our conscious thinking....

This ties in with what I have read of Rupert Sheldrake and his theories of Morphic Resonance, the idea that all things have a "field" around them that inteacts with all the other fields of other life and things.

I've been working on this post for several weeks, but have become stuck, for the lack of specific examples in my life of the effect of this social conditioning, human programing on myself. Perhaps it is not possible to see, with out help. But I know it exists. I know that others around me are effected by my thoughts, moods, etc.....I know that I live in a construct that has but one law, agreement....

And I suspect that when I do fully see this, a lot of what I now consider "real" will be much less so.

I would welcome comments......

Below are a couple of pertinent paragraphs by Ingo Swann that seem to go to the heart of his view of our situation...

"As it is, telepathy cannot exist, much less be explained, IF the parameters of consciousness are limited to the mental equipment of the biological individual. Since information is "exchanged" or "acquired" between human individuals in the absence of any objective methods to do so, and in that the information so exchanged results in mental perception of it, it is obvious that a format of consciousness exists that is independent of each biological human unit. The Encyclopedia definition thus seems good as far as it goes, but is nonetheless incomplete. And that definition has deficiencies. For example, it stipulates that consciousness is mental awareness. But long before the Encyclopedia was compiled in 1967, the real existence of the subconscious was confirmed. The principal definition of the SUBCONSCIOUS holds that it is aware of information that the mental awareness is not aware of. Not only that, but that the subconscious causes the bio-mental organism to RESPOND to information that the mental awareness is not aware of. And indeed, THIS is the working hypothesis that leads to the efficiency of subliminal "messages." Additionally, the early mob consciousness research resulted in considered estimation that information WAS transferred and exchanged emotional sub-mental-awareness level. As a result, some kind of sub-mental union or bonding resulted could only be thought of as an unknown kind of telepathy that served induce behavior of a group-mind force. the at some in what to

One of the concepts that can come out of this is that although each individual may be an island of consciousness, all such islands might be residing in a greater ocean of consciousness which exists independently of each human life unit. In this regard, the Encyclopedia definition establishes that consciousness IS only what the individual becomes mentally aware of. But strictly speaking, the definition is describing a FUNCTION of consciousness, not, so to speak, the "substance" of consciousness itself. And with this, we could now plunge into the intricacies of mysticism whose chief proponents have always held that consciousness is a universal substance, and that each human is only a small manifestation within it."

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