Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Life the universe and everything...

I so badly want to write my unified theory of everything. Some great project that ties all my understandings of life, the universe and everything, together....(Hitchhikers Guide).

But I don't think I can, or will.

If anyone is interested I have posted here and elsewhere, the major influences, and schools of thought that make up my current world view, missing is my life experiences that make those things relevant to me.

Perhaps, they would not be relevant to others, except where their lives were similar to mine.

There are times when I have the energy and the compulsion to push my viewpoint, and there are times when I think it best to fade away and let people discover their own truth with out my ego interfering.

But to bullet point: Scientology, (not the church), Monroe Institute and Bob Monroe, Ingo Swann, Gangji and "the american way"....

If I were to sum up my view of life, it would be that it is entirely what you make it. Either by action or omission, but entirely your own creation. And purpose? Something to do, something to fill the time in the most pleasurable way. Nothing more really.

And sometimes you need to cease participating and return to the stillness and constant love that is the core of your existence. Outside of time and things and others.

A path I sometimes look down with a bit of longing....though I'm sure I would soon want back in the game.

(there are some interesting links over on the rights side, "other places I like" ..... check them out!)


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