Thursday, August 26, 2010

One of my favorites...

One of my favorites, brought to mind by the summer and thoughts of redwood forests cool allure.......oh the notion...naked in the forest, air on the skin, psychic excitement permeating the ether...instincts overriding social restraint......

barefoot in the summer forrest

scent of patchouli and girl funk

dancing on the path

of butterflies and weed

following boy/men pipers

who think they lead

earth, mother, dirty, girl

a moment stilled.

hemp skirt swirls below

the knoted tied T

and the natural hair

down fur'd body

nothing else to wear

soon though to loose

for a stream side bath

in the redwoods shadows

the men, their shafts

into a chakra's vortex

they'll be pulled

psychic energy emission

in mother earths hold

soft sweet girl whirlpool

as young as is old.

And then as one

with nature be

spent of worry, sorrow

and energy

To see her go

on down the path

dancing, glowing

with a laugh.


  1. god sometimes I am so desparate for connection...I lay spead open waiting and no one it that I am so self centric? so self involved that I put people off? That is my conclusion. oh well, its my blog and I can do whatever the fuck I want. including posting my own self indulgent comments as if I could talk to myself. or maybe that is all the universe is, a creation to interact with and I'm the big god in it. yet there are so many like me, gods, creating....because they are lonely.

  2. "You won't have Nixon to kick around anymore because, gentlemen, this is my last press conference."


  3. I wish it would rain....

  4. there is so much I want to say...and so little time and energy....maybe I already said it...but didnt get acked...

    yea i wish it would rain.


  5. Mom, You're such a freak. That poem is about doing a bunch of guys! I know you had your hippy time, but you always told me to be good. Then you post a video of dancing naked in the rain and its just so hard to think of you like that, a sexual person. I am too, not that I could ever tell you that. I want to be good, make you proud, Dad happy, but I want to make babies too sometimes, or practice for it.
    We are doing okay. Dad is so sad sometimes. I try to get him to get out of the house, come see me at school or something. I think he just works and broods. He's so brave. He makes dinner, watchs some TV and sleeps. We had dinner at a thai place yesterday. He misses you so much. I do too. I go home on the weekends. He keeps things together.
    DR is ok, I think he is in denial about it, you. Shelly is being tough. Shes got work and her guy and house and all. I wonder where you are. Are you some cute little baby? An angel with wings? Or just a memory.

  6. Enjoying the freedom of being. :)

  7. Alex died??? When did this happen?!!

    So sorry for your loss, Chloe. :(

  8. I'm off on an adventure mom. Kinda like you had at my age, but I think I will be much tamer than you!

    Watch out for me!

    Reading your poem again make me want to sort of be like that, a girl/woman that entices, inspires, and leaves behind something kinder and gentler than when I arrived.

    I've got patchouli on today.