Thursday, August 5, 2010


There seem to be three "universes", three realities, three states of awareness/being....

Your own universe. Unshared with others, or that part of the shared universes that is solely your own creation.

Shared universes. Those which you and others co-create or participate in.

Others own universe. Those which you are unaware and have not connection to or participation in.

Shared universes are where most people believe "truth" to lie. (funny little turn of phrase...) I should say where truth is believed to reside. Shared universes are the only place where individuals can agree. Universes that are not shared or which are not in ones awareness or that of others can not be true except in the perception of the owner/creator/inhabitant.

Simple axiomatic truths. But with profound implications.

Ultimately what you experience, perceive, see to be the truth is your own creation, either in the choice to share or not, your and others creations. The basis of all experience is based on the simple choice of what to perceive and what to create in your own mind/universe. The apparantcy of unwanted perception can always be tracked back to some previous agreement to "share".

You can learn to control your choices. You can learn to not choose, but be still.

Life is what you make it.


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